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AgileDogs is having an Open House August 24

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TDAA October 5

CPE September 28-29

USDAA October 12-13

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I traveled across the country in June 2006 to attend the CPE Nationals in Sacramento CA with Sandy and Buddy.  I have posted a page that's basically a "blog" of my trip









Maurice, a.ka. Mo, Bob Domfort's Aussie, passed away May 24th, 2016

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What?  You don't know what Dog Agility is?  Click on the dog in the tunnel to read all about it!


I believe in positive, no-force methods, and incorporating the use of clicker/operant conditioning training, targeting, and backchaining into everything I do with dogs.  I have attended countless seminars and workshops myself, learning from top trainers from the USA and beyond, and have incorporated "the best of the best" into my own training philosophies.

I teach regular group classes and private lessons, and hold seminars across the country.  


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