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Class Handouts

Introduction to Agility

Week 0 Pre-Class Handout
Week 1 handouts:         Homework      Obstacle Words                          Gary Wilkes Use of Food
Week 2 handouts:        Homework       APHS 6 basic cues                      Rewards, Lures, Bribes
Week 3 handouts:        Homework       Bud Houston Teaching Movement  Suzanne Clothier Dances with Dogs
                                  PVC Jump construction plans
Week 4 handouts:                              Linda Mecklenburg Basic Turns   Suzanne Clothier Green Eggs and Ham
Week 5 handouts:                              Strengthening Rear End             Suzanne Clothier Teaching Self Control
Week 6 handouts:         Agility Organizations         Agility on the Internet         Agility Publications

Beyond Beginners Agility

Week 1 handouts:         Linda Meckenberg - Achieving a Balance 
Week 2 handouts:        Speaking Dog Language
Week 3 handouts:        "If Only" Story                            Gary Wilkes Never Never Say It Say It...
Week 4 handouts:        Bud Houston Using Arms
Week 5 handouts:        Motivation and Corrections            Stress in Dogs
Week 6 handouts:        History of Agility

Puppy Prep

Week 1 handouts:        Let's Start with Sit              Week 1 homework (hand targeting)
Week 2 handouts:       Yes, No, Maybe                     Recall Game
Week 3 handouts:       Sit Stay for Control              RRR
Week 4 handouts:       RRR part 2                           Lure Steps
Week 5 handouts:       Gary Wilkes Use of Food
Week 6 handouts:       Growing Up Friendly