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Miss Chalupa
Miss Chalupa
Posted October 8, 2010
Chalupa hits 1,000! - thanks, CPE!
     It’s been written many times, but I’d like to add my thanks to CPE for providing many opportunities to play with our dogs through the variety of competition classes and divisions.  In my case, my Chihuahua, Chalupa (a.k.a. The Divine Miss C), was competing at Level 4 in the Regular division in all classes when her confidence took a nosedive for reasons unknown, although suspected.  I tried many approaches to get her back to her confident little self, but the one that finally did the trick was to move her back to Level 1 in Enthusiast.  We developed more as a team, the “Mexican standoffs” disappeared, she gradually increased from a permanent start line stay to a Sunday stroll to a reasonable trot and occasional gallop, and the 1,000-point title became a goal that kept me from moving her up too soon. 

Well, I am thrilled to write that Chalupa completed her Level 1 points title at the Y Agility trial in July running some challenging courses judged by Kim Stumph.  Reaching this milestone was a grand adventure for us, so I looked up what it took for us to accomplish it.  Here are the stats:

1.                  Total qualifying legs required – 51
                  Time from first Q to last Q – 28 months
                  Number of trials – 18
                  Number of judges shown under – 14 (thanks to y’all for your patience and good humor while we run the course)
                  Number of states where her Q’s were earned – 6 (it’s as if we are in a witness protection program)
                  Qualifying legs by class:
       Standard – 3

      FullHouse – 7
       Jumpers – 8
      Snooker – 5
       Jackpot – 7
        Colors – 10
       Wildcard – 11



Paraphrasing Sue F. of New Hampshire, it really does take a village to title a dog.  Special thanks are due to the following handlers for their help and encouragement – Bob, Taylar, Carrie, Trisha, and especially Chris, who proved that a high, squeaky voice does make that little dog happy (alas, this is not one of my talents).  Thanks for taking the pressure off of Chalupa and allowing me many opportunities to watch my little girl having a lot of fun. 

Who knows, maybe there is a CT-ATCH in her future....

Jeff and Chi-wow-wow! Chalupa

Posted November 15, 2010

pointer 3 perfect weekends at JAZZ CPE trial November 13-14

2 of my students and one of my own dogs had a perfect weekend up in Greenwich NY at the CPE trial.  Carol Thom was the judge.  Perfect weekend is 8 runs, 8 Q;s.  Yahoo!

Trisha Stall and Jart
Mariday Geyer and Crosley
Jodi Pangman and Raini

pointer 2 CATCh's at JAZZ CPE trial
In addition, there are 2 C-ATCh titles to note

Craig Chittenden and Keegan, C-ATCh2
Kathy Chittenden and Pistol Pete, C-ATCh

Congratulations to all!

Posted January 2, 2011

pointer C-ATCh at AgileDogs CPE trial

 Keith St. John and Amaia
 - in addition, Keith also earned the following titles with Urtzi: Level 2 Handler and Level 3 Fun

In addition, here's more titles earned at this trial:
Bob Domfort and Maurice, Level 5 Wildcard Championship
Dottie Piroha and Liesl, Level 2 Standard title
Chris Penna and Gunner, Level 1 Fun title
Trisha Stall and Lucy, Level 3 Fun and Strategy titles

Posted November 13, 2020

pointer Ann Benjamin and Jodi Pangman get a perfect weekend with all their dogs!  We are so proud of them! 

From Ann:
At the CPE Takes 2 to Q trial Jodi Pangman and Merry had a perfect weekend, Ann Benjamin and Dobby had a perfect weekend and Dobby earned a 51 point Snooker. Jodi, Ann and Shout had a perfect weekend (we took turns running him).

Congrats to the whole family!

Posted October 29, 2012

pointer Quincy, "the Q-man", has a perfect weekend!
We are so happy and proud of our 3 year old Boston Terrier, Quincy, who achieved a "Perfect Weekend" at the Stockade Agility CPE trial in Glenville, New York this past weekend.  Quincy went 8 for 8 in his Level 2 Full House, Jumpers, Colors, Jackpot, Wildcard, Snooker and two Standard runs.  A little perspective on this accomplishment: three years ago when Quincy came into our lives, we were first time dog owners who had absolutely no clue even how to train a dog to sit, let alone compete in the performance sport of agility. We were determined to succeed, and luckily, we found Trisha Stall and AgileDogs. We started taking lessons with Trisha (and her colleagues Lisa Norris, Bob Domfort, Chris Penna and Mariday Geyer) and we have come farther than we ever thought possible.   Since then, Quincy has earned his CPE Level 1 Titles in Standard and Games (Handler, Strategy and Fun) and now the perfect weekend legs toward his Level 2 Titles.  Trisha's positive training methods have produced great results for us in terms of qualifying scores, and that is exciting and rewarding.  But even more than that, our association with AgileDogs has introduced us to a fantastic, supportive group of friends and teachers in the agility community who have made the sport even more fun than we thought it could be.  Our thanks to Trisha and AgileDogs for helping us make our agility dreams come true!!

pointer Success at the Sugar Bush Farm CPE trial, September 3-4

Trooper Q'd 7 of 8 times.  He dropped the last bar in Standard or it would be 8 for 8!  He was wonderful.  Thank you for suggesting to me to enter the CPE shows.  Would you believe we have 11 Q's in 2 shows?  I am aiming for the Nationals.  This is so fantastic for Trooper, he was tired and very hot, but he worked with me and showed his heart.  So if you don't  try you don't know what you can do.
     Joanna and Trooper

pointer Long sought-after Title at the AgileDogs CPE trial, August 13-14

Liesl (finally) earned her last CPE level 2 title on 8/14/11 at the AgileDogs CPE trial.  We're qualified for Nationals, yahoo!

Posted April 5, 2011

pointer C-ATCh at AgileDogs CPE trial

Mariday Geyer and Crosley
 - in addition, she also earned the Level 5 Standard Championship title!!

Congratulations to a very conscientious student!

In addition, here's more titles earned at this trial:
Eileen Keegan and Quincy, Level 2 Fun title
Chris Penna and Otis, Level 1 overall title
Chris Penna and Gunner, Level 1 Strategy title


Posted November 3, 2010

pointer Jeff Boyer and Sizzle attain the CPE C-ATCh title!

   It happened Friday, October 29, 2010, at Muddy Paws in Westminster VT; and it was on Trisha's non-traditional jackpot - yay!         

pointer Chris Penna and Otis break their non-Q streak in CPE after attending Trisha's "Breaking Out Of Your Shell" Seminar!
It was a good weekend for Otis because he broke his 7 month "nt because I can’t possibly run a course so I will be leaving the ring now" streak. Came close in Conway but this weekend he did it and I thought he had some speed at the end of that standard course.  He ended up getting 2 Q's, in standard and colors.  The standard run was the one I was most impressed with because I usually drop the leash next to him because if I toss it back it startles him and he has to investigate. I somehow dropped it on his tail and he took the first jump with it wrapped around his tail and he shook it off and kept going (and the bar stayed up).His colors run was also cool because I couldn’t remember if the tunnel was the blue course or green and he didn’t shut down on me when  I slowed down."


Note: please email me if you're a current student of mine and have a brag to add here (or if I've missed one you want listed here!).   Also, I'd love pictures of your dogs to display next to your brags)