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Trisha Stall

Trisha has been training, teaching, and competing in dog agility since 1995.  She began training her first dog in agility 13 years ago; since then she have become a top competitor in the sport and has altered her life to be involved with dog agility full time.  An Engineer for 13 years, Trisha quit that career in 2000 to become a full time agility instructor.  She currently have two dogs, one of them a mixed breed, and is competing at the top levels of the sport with all of her dogs.  You may even have seen her dog Sandy and Trisha on television, as they have been on several invitational events.  She has competed with her dogs in the USDAA, NADAC, and CPE Nationals Championships; Sandy won the NADAC Championships in 2002 and CPE Nationals in 2003, and Crystal won the CPE Nationals in 2002.

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“I have learned over the years that agility is the ultimate way to improve the relationship with your dog.  We never stop learning, and our dogs are great teachers!  We teach them that agility is the most fun thing to do in the world, while they are teaching us to better communicate with them on a daily basis.”

"I believe in positive, no-force methods, and incorporating the use of clicker (operant conditioning) training, targeting, and backchaining.  I have attended numerous seminars and workshops myself, learning from top trainers from the USA and beyond, and have incorporated “the best of the best” into my own training philosophies."

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Bob Domfort

Bob Domfort started in agility about 17 years ago. His first agility dog was an Australian Shepherd named Maurice (aka Mo); their first agility class with AgileDogs Agility was for exercise, to improve their bond, and to give Maurice a job.  Maurice earned his CT-ATCh3 in CPE, came in second place in games at the 2013 CPE Nationals, and earned the USDAA AD title.

Several years later Bob downsized to a Mini Australian Shepherd named Arthur. Arthur still actively competes at the highest levels in CPE, USDAA, and TDAA.  Arthur reached the semifinals round of Steeplechase at the 2013 USDAA Cynosports (their national event).  He holds a C-ATE, several C-ATCH's in CPE, has the AD in USDAA, is at the Master’s level in USDAA games, and has his TACh in TDAA.

Arthur competes in Cynosport Rally and has earned several titles in the sport as well including his  ArchEX. He has also earned the Award of Excellence in Levels 1, 2, and 3.

Currently Bob has a 3 year old named Endora, who is a mix between an Australian Shepherd and Border Collie, and in the next few months she will be competing and getting titles just like his other dogs have.

 When Bob started taking agility classes, he had no idea the sport would become more to him than just playing with his dog.  He has been an agility instructor since 2007, and has taught for several years for AgileDogs Agility and also several clubs in New York.  He began judging in 2006 for TDAA, and now in addition also judges for USDAA, UKI, and CPE.  The assignments keep him busy and he enjoys meeting new people, as well as watching both experienced teams and new teams trying their best. 


Kara Kingsbury

Kara Kingsbury found agility in 2002 with her rescue Husky/hound mix, Guinness, who went on to have a successful USDAA career.  He competed at the USDAA Cynosport World Games in 2010 and retired in 2011 as one of the top ten Mixed Breeds in the Performance Tournament category. 

Duke, a rescue Rottweiler/Doberman mix, joined Kara’s home in 2003 and had fun in agility.  He taught Kara many valuable lessons, especially those pertaining to dog behavior.

Bali, an Australian Shepherd, joined the home soon after Duke and taught Kara much about working with a dog that has impulse control issues.

Fiji , an Australian Shepherd who joined Kara’s family in 2009, competes at the highest level in USDAA and was a competitor at USDAA’s 2015 Cynosport World Games. 

In 2017 Fiji made the performance Grand Prix semi finals at Cynosport., and in 2018 she achieved her USDAA PDCH.

Calypso, also an Australian Shepherd, arrived in 2011.  She loves agilIty and has been a great teacher on how to motivate dogs who need a little extra help. In 2017 she competed at Cynosport for the first time.

Smuggler yet another Australian Shepherd came in 2017. He is learning the game and has been a great teacher.

In 2013, Kara discovered the One Mind Dog (OMD) methodology and has embraced it.  Over the past few years, she has been fortunate to work with some wonderful trainers who specialize in OMD instruction/coaching.  Kara continues to expand her agility education and enjoys sharing what she has learned.   

Diane Palmer

Diane started agility in September 1996 with Bill and Fran Seibert with her first agility dog Ringo. Fran was a giant influence impressing to Diane the importance of positive reinforcement which to her is the most important aspect of working with her dogs. She has trained eight dogs over the years earning many titles and placements in agility in many venues. Although she's proud of her accomplishments she is most proud of the relationships she has with her dogs and the bonds she has with them.

Diane strives to improve in agility by working hard, thinking smarter and having an open mind on what works for each of her dogs trying all different training methods with each of them having different abilities and styles. Even when they goof up on course Diane finds something that went right and learns from the goofs. She strives to have fun and enjoy every moment with her dogs.

Diane's classes will be fun and challenging and will work with each individual team to help them find success and happiness enjoying agility.

Of course she has the best partner and husband who loves dogs and agility as much as she does, Chester!

Mari Becker

Jen Weisen

Douglas Vohnoutka

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