January 2, 2012: Jart got his CPE CATE!  Here's a video of the run (Wildcard) and after run celebration.  It was under judge John Raymond, AgileDogs trial at High Goal Farm in Greenwich NY




It's hard to believe that Jart is almost 10 years old.... I adopted him back in 2004, when he was 2 years old.  Back then, and for years, he was very shy, of people and new situations.  He has always been comfortable with dogs, which got him through some rough early times, and you can see how shy he was in these early pictures of him.




Jart Christmas '05 


These pictures below are more recent.  Jart now has his CPE C-ATCH, and is about 6 months away from getting his C-ATE (I never would've believed he could come this far..!)  He's also in Level 3 USDAA, except for Standard, which he's still in level 2 for (that darned table!).