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Rally Obedience


Rally Obedience is the newest buzz in the Obedience World.  Now, you know I wouldn't be involved in it if it wasn't fun and motivating for our dogs, right?  All that, and more, make this sport loads of fun.

Basically Rally Obedience is a cross between traditional obedience, freestyle (some of the exercises look they were taken from that sport), and agility (because every course is different, a unique design).

The APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) conference held the very first Rally trials in September 2001.  Rally-O is judged similarly to obedience, but the main difference is that with APDT Rally-O mixed breeds are allowed to compete, thus allowing my All-American Crystal and others like her to obtain her title.  AKC will also be starting Rally trials in mid 2003, and has been holding Rally as a non-regular class at trials in 2002.  In both APDT and AKC Rally, you can talk to your dog and praise him all around the course.  In addition, in APDT Rally you can give your dog treats and pet him in between exercises.  Each course is different, and consists of numbered signs that give directions for what to perform at each location; everyone gets a chance to walk the course without their dog prior to running it.  Level 1 (or AKC Novice level) is performed on leash; Level 2 (or AKC Advanced level) is performed off leash. 

Here is a Video of Crystal competing and getting her 3rd leg for her Rally-1 title at the APDT conference in September 2001!

 Click here to start playing it (it should open in a new window using your default video player).



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