11/15/94 - 4/11/08

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In December, at my New Year's CPE trial, I noticed Sandy running very funny.  Here's an exerpt from an email I sent to some friends asking advice about what was going with her:

"Sandy has had ďfecal incontinenceĒ for about 3 weeks now.  Since early/mid December sheís also had more weakness in her back end; itís deteriorated such that sometimes she falls down just walking if the footing is uneven or a dog (usually Jart) bumps into her.  She has been walking ďfunnyĒ Ė one leg/foot splayed out.  She was always a bit like that, but lately itís been worse.  She ran wonderfully at the early Nov. CPE trial, and because of that I put her in my new yearís trial, but it was clear the first day (with her condition at home looking worse weeks before, I had guessed this outcome) I pulled her from the rest of the weekendís runs.

Today I went to the vetís for some shots for Buddy, and wanted them to look at Sandy, too.  They ended up taking radiographs because the vet noticed some nerve weakness/damage on Sandyís rear end.  The radiographs showed no space between the last 3 sections of her spine near the back end; she said it was either a traumatic event (unlikely since we didnít see any fractures on the radiographs) or a possible cancerous growth.  The vet said that likely the nerve damage would get worse, and it meant Sandy didnít have long before she started deteriorating.  I donít know (didnít ask at the time) what would happen, other than losing control of her back end, which may be soon.

She prescribed, for now, the following, even though she doesnít hold out hope that this will do much to improve her condition:

I know about pred, itís for pain.  Tramadol is also for pain, from what I gather.  Gabapentin is to help improve her nerves/nervous system.  I checked online and itís also an anti-seizure medication.

Iíll be calling my vet back on Monday with a progress report so can ask more detailed questions then.  Sheís also a student in my Thursday night agility class, and a very nice lady, so I can basically pick her brain as much as I want.  I currently would most like to know the best and worse case scenarios, I guess, so I can plan for both eventualities.  But, in my heart, Iíve been seeing Sandy not doing good the last month or so, and am worried that it wonít be a best case scenarioÖ"

Then, on Tuesday, April 8th, after discovering some more problems after months of changing her medications and getting some acupuncture done on her as well:

"I have bad news about Sandy.  She had developed a neurological problem due to something impinging on her spine.  That's been going on for about 3 months, and she now has fecal and urinary incontinence, as well as being uncoordinated, no strength in her back end.  Well, I found out at the vet's yesterday that Sandy is now also in Kidney failure.  She'd been having problems eating (but soft food she still could manage) the past few days; this is in addition to getting more and more wobbly and uncoordinated, and very weak in her back end, plus the fecal and urinary incontinence.  Lisa Wiggins, my vet, said she has from a few days to few weeks left, and it will get painful and bad for her.  So, I've decided to take her to the vet to put her to sleep on Friday morning just after our lesson/playtime with Sue and Cami (they've been coming to me for lessons for years).

Lastly, here is the email sent out to my friends on April 11, 2008 at 2:30pm:

"I said goodbye to Sandy this morning at 11:45am.  Since January she had had a neurological problem due to something impinging on her spine, which caused fecal and urinary incontinence, lack of coordination, and no strength in her back end.  This past week she went into Kidney failure.  So I decided to let her go before she suffered any more.  She loved agility and running around, and these past few months she didn't like not being mobile and agile like she used to be.

She is now with her pal Crystal, playing and running around and climbing A-frames together like they used to (some of you may remember me doing brace agility with them several times!).

Brief (incomplete) list of Sandy's agility career accomplishments:
 - 8th C-ATE
 - 15th C-ATCH
 - winner of CPE Nationals in 2003
 - Top 10 in 2006 and 2007, and lifetime Top 10
 - Perf. ADCH
 - Top 10 for 3 years in several categories, both Masters and PIII
 - semifinalist for 3 years at Grand Prix Championships
 - winner of NADAC Nationals in 2002
 - superior (triple) NATCH
 - 2nd place in AMBOR Agility Nationals 2002
 - 5th place in All Star Agility National event 2002
 - participant in Purina Incredible Dog Challenge for 3 years; finalist in 2001
 - APDT Rally Obedience Level I title, 1 leg in Level 2
 - CGC
She was awesome in every way, not only in agility but as overall great dog, and is being missed right now...
Sandy, AA (Beagle/Terrier/Whippet) 1995-2008
Crystal, AA (Border Collie/Husky) 1994-2006
Buddy, Border Collie, C-ATE, MAD, CGC
Jart, AA (Aussie/Papillon), USDAA PI Snooker, PI Jumpers, CPE Level 4 Fun/Games/Strategy, Level 3 Std"


Video of Sandy taken on Thursday, April 10, 2008

Video of Sandy's last play date, Friday April 11, 2008





2006 was a good year for Sandy.  In addition to earning the C-ATE (see next paragraph), she also made the CPE Top Ten List for Specialist dogs (even though she didn't start competing and getting points as a Specialist until July), plus managed to crack the Top Ten for Lifetime points, coming in with 7565 points in her CPE career.

Sandy also made the Top Ten in 2007 in the Specialist Class!

Go to CPE Top Ten Page

Sandy achieved a huge milestone in 2006: her CPE C-ATE (Agility Team Extraordinaire) title; she was only the 8th dog to ever achieve this title.  Even though she was running a bit slow the day she got it, it was still a nice run and a nice video to watch.  It's low res because it's 2 minutes long - about 50 seconds for her run, then the post-run celebration :-) 



 In August 2006, several friends surprised me at the CPE trial with a banner showing both the Cleanrun ad for Sandy's C-ATE and several well-wishes and sentiments about Sandy.


If you'd like to see just the run or the post-run celebration only, I've saved those portions in medium-resolution, quick-time format.

Back in 1997, just entering her prime!                     In 1998, in the heat of summer

Crystal and Sandy doing what they love most; chasing each other!  They're playing the USDAA game of brace, where one handlers directs two dogs at once around an agility course.  It's loads of fun for both dog/handler teams and spectators alike!


  At the New Year's 04-05 CPE Trial at the farm.

  From a trial back in 2001, resting in between runs :)


Video of her O-NATCH NADAC run (Gamblers) from 2002


More photos...








2007 Specialist Year-End Awards
Place Points Dog Owner
First 2560 Emmy Lynn Marie Carlo
Second 1790 Tsuki Diane Blackman
Third 1785 Bailey Lois & Tom Hammond
Fourth 1505 Fred Jacquelyn Oricko
Fifth 1265 Serra Linda Eickholdt
Fifth 1265 Boo Joy Moll
Sixth 1185 Summer Jill Martin
Seventh 1120 Twister Sandy MacDavid
Eighth 1110 Cassie Jacquelyn Oricko
Ninth 1070 Sandy Trisha Stall
Tenth 1050 Blue Leona Wobbe
Tenth 1050 Indy Sarah Carson & Eunice Carson

2006 Specialist Year-End Awards
Place Points Dog Owner
First 2145 Cassie Jacquelyn Oricko
Second 1955 Devon Linda Eickholdt
Third 1705 Serra Linda Eickholdt
Fourth 1145 Tsuki Diane Blackman
Fifth 1125 Erin Jan Niblock
Sixth 1105 Wynni Wendy Donoghue
Seventh 1030 Bailey Lois & Tom Hammond
Eighth 1000 Fred Jacquelyn Oricko
Ninth 955 Sandy Trisha Stall
Tenth 945 Tippy Cheryl & Cathy Teale
2006 Cumulative Awards
Place Cumulative Points Dog Owner
First 11825   Withheld by owner's request
Second 10405 Devon Linda Eickholdt
Third 10155 Typhoon Sonja Davis
Fourth 10110   Withheld by owner's request
Fifth 9470   Withheld by owner's request
Sixth 8665 Fantom Sonja Davis
Seventh 8560 Mojo Tammy Rhoades
Eighth 8440 'Cuda Tammy Rhoades
Ninth 8210 Mitzi Judy Thompson
Tenth 7565 Sandy Trisha Stall


2005 Year-End Awards
Place Points Dog Owner
First 2030 Sunny Marisa & Jon Calhoun
Second 1870 Zeta Sharon Drescosky
Third 1830 Marley Deborah Hanson
Fourth 1805 Magy Mike Penketh
Fifth 1725 Midnight Marisa & Jon Calhoun
Fifth 1725 Typhoon Sonja Davis
Sixth 1715 Sandy Trisha Stall
Seventh 1710 Fantom Sonja Davis
Seventh 1710 Chance Donna D'Amico
Eighth 1655 Fritz Susan Rappillus & Dave Scheuner
Ninth 1650 Bree Nadine Harmon
Tenth 1645 Mickey Nadine Harmon


C-ATE # Dogís Name Breed Owner State Date Earned
  Special Notes
2006    (3)
11 Who's next?
10 Shiloh Miniature Schnauzer Tammy Rhoades MI July-8-2006
  CPE Accomplishments to date:
   Tenth C-ATE
   19th C-ATCH
9 Fantom German Shepherd Dog Sonja Davis MI June-2-2006
  CPE Accomplishments to date:
   Ninth C-ATE
   48th C-ATCH
8 Sandy All American Trisha Stall NY May-27-2006
  CPE Accomplishments to date:
   Eighth C-ATE
   Fifteenth C-ATCH

  High in Trial, CPE Nationals 2003 

7 Diamond Australian Shepherd Kristine Welser MI January-1-2006
  CPE Accomplishments to date:
   Seventh C-ATE
   Seventeenth C-ATCH 
2005    (4)
6 'Cuda All American Tammy Rhoades MI December-31-2005
  CPE Accomplishments to date:
   Sixth C-ATE
   31st C-ATCH 
5 Mitzi Pomeranian Judy Thompson MI November-13-2005
  CPE Accomplishments to date:
   Fifth C-ATE
   Fourth C-ATCH 
4 Mojo All American Tammy Rhoades MI October-28-2005
  CPE Accomplishments to date:
   Fourth C-ATE
   18th C-ATCH 
3 Typhoon Border Collie Sonja Davis MI January-29-2005
CPE Accomplishments to date:
   Third C-ATE
   16th C-ATCH

   Reserve High in Standard Level 5 - 20" CPE Nationals 2003
   Games 4th Place CPE Nationals 2003 
2004    (2)
2 Devon Pembroke Welsh Corgi Linda Eickholdt MI October-31-2004
  CPE Accomplishments to date:
   Second C-ATE
   Tenth C-ATCH

   High in Standard Level 1 - 8" CPE Nationals 2000
   Games 7th Place CPE Nationals 2000
   High in Standard Level 5 - 8" CPE Nationals 2002
   High in Standard Specialist - 8" CPE Nationals 2005
   Games Specialist - 2nd Place CPE Nationals 2005  
1 Jackie Rough Collie Sonja Davis MI May-9-2004
  CPE Accomplishments to date:
   First C-ATE
   Second C-ATCH

   High in Trial CPE Nationals 2000
   High in Trial CPE Nationals 2001 



Dogís Name








Border Collie

Sonja Davis



Fourth Border Collie C-ATCH

First C-ATCH to finish at a CPE National Event



All American

Trisha Stall



Second All American, First New York C-ATCH



Australian Cattle Dog

Vickie Humble



First Australian Cattle Dog C-ATCH



Australian Shepherd

Julie Gaynier



Second Australian Shepherd C-ATCH



Australian Shepherd

Jan Niblock



First Australian Shepherd C-ATCH



Border Collie

Doreen Barren



Third Border Collie C-ATCH



Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Linda Eickholdt



First Pembroke Welsh Corgi C-ATCH



Border Collie

Maureen Setter



Second Border Collie C-ATCH



All American

Lori Klasny



First All American C-ATCH



Labrador Retriever

Ellen Hizer



Second Labrador Retriever C-ATCH


Withheld by ownerís request


First Border Collie, First Ohio C-ATCH



Miniature Poodle

Linda Loveland



First Miniature Poodle C-ATCH




Judy Thompson



First Pomeranian C-ATCH




Leslye Kosmowski



First Papillon C-ATCH



Rough Collie

Sonja Davis



First Rough Collie C-ATCH



Labrador Retriever

Ellen Hizer



First Labrador Retriever C-ATCH, First Michigan C-ATCH


Agility Specialist Champion
SpCh # Dogís Name Breed Owner State Date Earned
  Special Notes
2006    (9)
30 Sandy               All American                    Trisha Stall                                    NY     November 12, 2006
29 Bailey               Golden Retriever              Lois Hammond                              NY     November 11, 2006
28 Fred English Springer Spaniel Jacquelyn Oricko OH August 26, 2006, 2006
  First English Springer Spaniel Specialist Champion
27 Abby Shetland Sheepdog Grace Terwilliger CT July 29, 2006
  Third Shetland Sheepdog Specialist Champion
26 Jazz Labrador Retriever Janet Nolan & Donald Zukowski CT July 16, 2006
  Second Labrador Retriever Specialist Champion
25 Wynni Border Collie Wendy Donoghue NY June 25, 2006
  Fourth Border Collie Specialist Champion
24 Jake Shetland Sheepdog Marilu Anglebrandt MI June 11, 2006
  Second Shetland Sheepdog Specialist Champion
23 Tsuki McNab Diane Blackman CA May 14, 2006
  First McNab Specialist Champion
22 Max Belgian Tervuren Jennifer Madrid NY April 22, 2006
  First Belgian Tervuren Specialist Champion
21 Kobe All American Debbie Lean CA February 26, 2006
  Fourth All American Specialist Champion
20 Starr Australian Cattle Dog Tara Conner CA January 7, 2006
  First Australian Cattle Dog Specialist Champion



LAA-Bronze (15 Q's in each class, mixture of Championship and Performance; at least 150 Q's total)

Sandy: Lifetime Achievement Award Standings
Class Qualifications
Dog Agility Masters Team Qualifier 7
Grand Prix of Dog Agility - Local Qualifier 10
Dog Agility Steeplechase - Local Qualifier 4
Masters Standard Agility 16
Masters Jumpers 28
Masters Snooker 15
Masters Gamblers 12
Masters Pairs Relay 10
Snooker Level 3 14
Performance National Standard - Local Qualifier 4
Performance National Standard Regional Round 1 1
Standard Level 3 18
Jumpers Level 3 14
Gamblers Level 3 7

Total 160


Sandy: Title Earned
Title Date Earned
Accomplished Snooker Dog 05/01/2005
Performance Top Ten - Standard 12/31/2004
Performance Top Ten - Snooker 12/31/2004
Performance Top Ten - Gamblers 12/31/2004
Accomplished Standard Dog - Bronze 07/03/2004
Accomplished Performance Dog 05/30/2004
Performance Gamblers III 05/30/2004
Accomplished Jumpers Dog 05/01/2004
Performance Snooker III 12/31/2003
Accomplished Standard Dog 10/25/2003
Performance Jumpers III 05/24/2003
Performance Standard III 10/05/2002
Performance Dog III 09/07/2002
Snooker Champion - Bronze 09/08/2001
Gamblers Champion 09/07/2001
Jumpers Champion - Silver 05/06/2001
Standard Champion - Bronze 02/04/2001
Relay Champion 02/03/2001
Snooker Champion 06/03/2000
Tournament Master 05/28/2000
Tournament Master - Bronze 05/28/2000
Standard Champion 02/13/2000
Snooker Master 09/19/1999
Jumpers Champion - Bronze 09/19/1999
Agility Dog Champion 09/19/1999
Jumpers Champion 05/02/1999
Relay Master 03/06/1999
Gamblers Master 10/23/1998
Master Agility Dog 09/13/1998
Jumpers Master 08/09/1998
Standard Agility Master 08/08/1998
Advanced Agility Dog 09/14/1997
Agility Dog 05/26/1997


Title Qualifications Earned (LAA - Lifetime Achievement Awards) points

This page summarizes the number of qualifications earned for the titling, nontournament classes.

Following are current standings based upon results that have been recorded through 11/20/2005. There may be some events prior to this date that have not been received; they will be processed as soon as they become available.

U.S. Regions have been defined based upon where events are organized or are held, as follows:

  • Northwest - AK, ID, MT, OR, WA
  • North Central - IA, IN, IL, KS, KY, MI, MN, MO, ND, NE, OH, SD, WI
  • Northeast - CT, DC, DE, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VA, VT, WV
  • Southeast - NC, TN, SC, GA, AL, MS, FL
  • Rocky Mountain - CO, NM, UT, WY
  • Southwest - AZ, CA, HI, NV
  • South Central - AR, LA, OK, TX

State groupings by region were derived from definitions set forth by the U.S. Census Bureau.

The state, province, prefecture or other region of residence is shown for each owner/handler earning qualifications in a region.

Region: Breed:
Qualifications Owner ST/PR Dog Breed
373 Seltzer, Debra Jane NY Gripper XB
366 Ernat, Cynthia IL Ozzie XB
298 Swanson, Mike PA Xena XB
190 Moll, Joy NY Boo XB
176 Perry, Janet MA Sophie XB
171 Reid, Pamela NJ Eejit XB
148 Newcomb, Bill AR Flash XB
141 Anderson, Symantha IN Perri XB
141 Jones, Laura CA Betsy XB
140 Stall, Trisha M. NY Sandy XB
135 McArthur, Elizabeth J. VT Corky XB
132 Raum, Mike CA Max XB
126 Voelker, Carol I. MN Nystka XB
126 Hufstader, Rusty HI Sophie XB
124 Beede, David FL Jack XB
124 Lehman, Stacy Y. TX Shirley XB


Region: Breed:
Qualifications Owner ST/PR Dog Breed
357 Seltzer, Debra Jane NY Gripper XB
166 Perry, Janet MA Sophie XB
144 Swanson, Mike PA Xena XB
142 Moll, Joy NY Boo XB
130 Stall, Trisha M. NY Sandy XB
124 McArthur, Elizabeth J. VT Corky XB
104 Longenecker, Barry PA Phoebe XB
98 Perry, Janet MA Gretchen XB
96 Reid, Pamela NJ Eejit XB
94 Bramble, Dee NY Dutch XB
87 Barrett, Lisa VT Jenny XB
86 Lukens, Ardis PA Charlie XB
81 Kerman, Akiko NY Harry XB
79 Raymond, John NH Mattie XB
79 Duchan, Susan NJ Max XB
78 Beck, Chris NY Polly XB
75 Vassall, Leslie R. NH Olio XB


Region: Breed:
Qualifications Owner ST/PR Dog Breed
427 Tovino, Susan NJ Blu AS
395 Sutherland, Rosemary NJ Todd BC
357 Seltzer, Debra Jane NY Gripper XB
324 Sutherland, Rosemary NJ Rhyn BC
323 Hutchison, Jeannette MD Zig Zag BC
269 Hutchison, Jeannette MD Reno JRT
263 Hutchison, Jeannette MD Penelopy JRT
263 DeMascio, Barbara PA Revel BC
253 Mark, Lois PA Cricket CWC
228 Desvigne, Kathleen T. NY Player GOLD
207 Rohaus, Donna PA Cap BC
202 Josselyn, Sally MD Panda AS
198 Tovino, Susan NJ Katey BC
183 Murphy, Mike PA Bailey JRT
182 Bell, Martha PA Annie GOLD
178 Rohaus, Donna PA Katie BC
177 Hutchison, Jeannette MD Nelson BC
176 Tamber, Abbie NY Micro JRT
175 Daniels, Julie NH Spring BC
172 Hutchison, Jeannette MD Jasper BC
171 Miller, Barbara PA Rusty CWC
171 Gauntt, Janet MD Legend BC
171 DeMascio, Rosanne PA Freeze BC
166 Perry, Janet MA Sophie XB
164 Friedman, Mark MD Flame PAP
163 Thompson, David RI Ollie BC
157 Gage, Trisha PA Tilly SS
154 Kubichko, Dawn NY Tess AS
147 Hope, Paulena Renee VA Flurry BC
147 Crouthamel, Jean PA Zen BC
144 Swanson, Mike PA Xena XB
142 Moll, Joy NY Boo XB
141 Husson, Linda M. PA Robin BC
135 Obara, Nancy E. MA Majel NSDT
134 Zelenewych, Judy NY Piper BC
131 Zelenewych, Judy NY Floss BC
130 Stall, Trisha M. NY Sandy XB
130 Stocum, Anne NY Lacey SS
130 Hess, Carolyn NH Rocko CS
128 McArthur, Elizabeth J. VT Chelsea JRT
125 Gaydos, Karen MD Casey SS
124 McArthur, Elizabeth J. VT Corky XB
124 Norris, Lisa NY Pandora BOST
124 Husson, Linda M. PA Tripper BC
122 Sutherland, Rosemary NJ Bright BC
116 Franklin, Genie CT Spencer JRT
115 Miller, Maryellen PA Brit BC
109 Herman, Terry MD Ria PWD
107 Bicksler, Barbara A. VA Max MPOO
106 DuPree, Ella M. NH Mick BC
105 Lukens, Ardis PA Rosie AS
104 Longenecker, Barry PA Phoebe XB
104 Schaefer, Erin MA Jag SS
104 Barry, Mary Ellen PA Fizz BC
103 Rudd, Tammy MD Molly BC
102 Davis, Judy NH Ruff BC
102 Hope, Paulena Renee VA Timeflies! BC
101 Parker, Chris NJ Mayhem BC
100 Lavin, Mary Jo C. MA Scamp TIB


                                     Sandy, Buddy and Crystal, a picture taken back in 2002 by Cindy Telley of Pet Art.