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Break Out of Your Shell Video available now!!


Taken from my seminars held in 2010 and 2011, this video has over 2 hours of hints, discussion and how-to tips for dealing with the shy, soft, or stressed dog both in the competition agility ring and in practice. 

I will be selling it at local events, and it's also available via mail order.

Click here for more information

Announcing 2 seminars to be held winter 2015 at Sugar Bush Farm in Stephentown NY


Sunday, February 22: “Rally Workshop: From The Judge's Point of View”

This seminar, from the judge's point of view, is designed to give novice, intermediate and advanced handlers the information and skills necessary to compete successfully.  Peg will focus on what a judge looks for in a ring performance and will cover rules, performance guidelines, scoring and exercise execution.  Participants will learn how to strategically walk courses and how to calculate on-course “rally math.”  Your questions will be answered!  This is a non-working seminar.  Dogs are welcome if they can sit with you or be crated quietly!

Time: 10am - 1pm
Cost: $50 per person

And, stay after the seminar to use what you learned!

Rally Run Throughs, starting at 1:30pm. $15 for 2 runs, $5 for each run thereafter.

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Sunday, March 8:
“Engagement and Motivation for Dog Sports”

These days, dog sports training is more than behaviors.  It's all about attitude and relationship and creating joyful partnerships.  By utilizing classical learning, this 5 hour workshop shares how to find that balance between motivation and precision while creating an engaged dog who wants to work and work.  Fun, exciting and reinforcing for both members of the team, this training is great for all teams: for those who want to boost their ring performance, to new teams developing their partnerships, to those whose dogs do a great warmup but who are lackluster in the ring.  Verbal markers will also be trained, as well as building an occasion setter that gets the dog in work mode.  Peg will share how to utilize these to increase the dog's drive and energy throughout the performance.

Time: 9am - 2pm
Cost: $100 per team - 10 working teams max; unlimited auditors # $30; no aggressive dogs please

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For more info about Peg go to her website, www.pegmunves.com

Comments from past Peg Munves workshop attendees:

 “What makes you truly unique and talented is your ability to transmit that knowledge to beginner dog handlers in a way that we can understand and use in daily training with our dog partners.  With an emphasis on team engagement, you show us how to build and reinforce that all important relationship which is the basis for success in obedience competition.  I was discussing tonight how much your seminar has helped with agility.  I am using engagement for going into the agility ring too, and it helps a lot with focus. So, thank you!!” Jill Stoller, Upper Saddle River, NJ

“We did have fun at a recent trial, and the engagement techniques from the workshop really paid off especially on Saturday. Dori's attention and heeling was so much stronger - we placed first three times, two of them in level 3.”  Lauren Jones Wenzel, CPDT-KA, Union City, NJ

“As I re-read the information it continues to set off lights in my head Oh! I get it now!  I enjoy 5 minute training with my dogs, keeping them engaged no matter the time or the day. I look forward to continuing with what I've learned from the workshop and sincerely hope that I can take another class or workshop with you in the future.” Cathy Mann, Highland Lakes, NJ

The seminar work has been paying off in the agility ring as well (connection means better performance in the discriminations).” Nicole Levien, West New York, NJ

Julie Daniels is coming to Sugar Bush Farm!julie and clark

Seminars - April 4-5, 2015

Saturday April 4th - Masters

Sunday, April 5th - AM Pre-Novice, PM Novice

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Agility Camp!

Dates: August 22-23, 2015
Stockade Agility, Glenville NY

Instructors will be Monique Plinck and Tracy Sklenar

The registration form and info are now posted online!

Go to camp page

You can book Trisha for Seminars!

Suggested Topics for my seminars include, but are not limited to, the following:

Break Out of Your Shell! Getting the most out of your shy, stressed, or soft dog
(this is a full day seminar, as this is a complicated topic!)
this seminar will help your dog to be the best he can be! We will help your dog to overcome his fears or insecurities and build a foundation for confidence and success in the agility ring.  Some topics covered include: developing pre-run, start-line, and post-run routines; using resets; how to spot and reward the "little" stuff; helping your dog be successful without going past the threshold level; and helping your dog work through pressure and stress.

Novice Handling Techniques; getting the footwork right and becoming a winning team (for teams that are working full height on all of the equipment, but who have not yet begun to compete or are competing at the Novice/Starters level).

Advanced Handling Techniques; perfecting all types of crosses, distance and directional work (Get Out, Go, and Left/Right as applicable), and drills for obstacle discrimination and weave poles; for teams that are working at the Open/Advanced level or above in competition.

Distance Training; getting your dog to work ahead and laterally away from you, and learning to successfully direct your dog from a distance.  In addition, learning your dog's natural working distance and being comfortable working both closer and farther than that distance.  For teams currently competing at any level.

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