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Don't take my word for it, listen to what my students have to say!

"Break Out of Your Shell!" was the best seminar I have ever been to, and boy does my dog need to break out of his shell :)  I went home feeling good about what I've accomplished so far, and hopeful, that things can get better.  The entire day was informative, and a positive environment for my dog.  I can't wait to start implementing some of your ideas. 
Oreo often has a difficult time having the stamina to last though an entire day at a seminar.  The stress wears him out.  I saw no problems at all in his energy level on Sunday.  I think it had a lot to do with your calm persona, and the way you ran the seminar. 
Your seminar was worth every penny.  Thanks so much for a great day! 

- Sara and Oreo

I began training with Trisha in 1999 with my first 2 Agility dogs.  Her gentle guidance and purely positive approach helped us forward to multiple ADCH's, a Lifetime Bronze Medal and National Top 10 rankings.

Today I continue with Trish and AgileDogs helping me along with my 3rd agility Dog who has soared from Starters to Masters in 6 months of competition while we continue to grow our handling style under her insightful eye.  Her combination of experience offers a great wealth of experience to offer teams new and seasoned alike. 

LAA Bronze ADCH Pandora MX MXJ
Pistol - AD AS

Thank you so very much for putting on this seminar. It was perfect for Liesl & me. It was an excellent opportunity to discover and work on things that I do that cause Liesl to get stressed. We were also able to work through the point at which she often shuts down on me (refusing to take jumps; shutting down on tight, twisty courses, etc.). I was thrilled, at the end of the day, when she was happy, fast & focused on me - normally she would have shut down by then.

The class size was just right and gave everyone plenty of opportunities to work on our own areas of concern, without feeling rushed or that we're taking up too much time.

All the preparation you did for this seminar was evident by the amount of information you presented, the courses you created, your ability to coach each team on their unique challenges, and the pace of the entire day - not too fast, nor too slow.

You really did make a difference for us. Several conversations with other attendees, after it was over, were extremely positive and most of the attendees have been doing agility for many years.

Thanks again for such a fun and beneficial seminar.

- Dottie & Liesl

I really enjoyed the seminar very much.  I picked up a lot of good suggestions -not only for Charlie but for my dogs who did not participate.  I have been rewarding Charlie only when he is in the correct position and not behind my walker.  I have also been throwing the bait bag after he has committed to the jump - but not every jump.  I have used your suggestions re revving up Dozer and also a different approach for Furbie which you suggested for dogs that are nervous at the start line.  Charlie has improved so much and I have noticed that Dozer starts out much faster.  I will definitely be interested in any of your future seminars.

- Mary & Charlie

Before I came to Trisha with my then 3-year old Brittany, Nana, I had been told that I should give up on playing at agility with my dog, she was just too out of control.  I was frustrated and trying hard not to buy into the harsh criticism I had received.  I really wanted to believe there was hope for us if we could just find the right person to help us tame Nana’s zoomies and focus her energy. Thankfully, we did. Trisha’s calm approach to training and her firm belief in maintaining a positive environment for both dog and handler was just what we needed. After a year of working with us, and with a lot of Trisha’s encouragement, we entered our first agility trial.  In our second year, we were honored to be awarded the first Crystal’s Spirit Award.  Nana is 8 now and we’re still progressing, and still having great fun, playing at agility under Trisha’s guidance.

- Wendy and Nana

I am so glad that Otis and I attended the Breaking Out of Your Shell seminar. We have been working with Trish for about a year now and Otis' progress has been remarkable. He loved agility when we started and even did very well at his first few trials before his fears got the better of him. He then became famous (it seemed to me) for sitting frozen at the start line or would stand in front of the first obstacle like he had never seen such a thing. I knew we had to find someone who understood him and could help him and heard that Trish was very good with dogs like him. Trish started him out with short sequences in class that he could succeed at and he did. He left  that first class happy and stress free and I knew we were in the right place. We have also attended  Trish's handling seminars  and Otis and I have used what we learned and are working much better together. The last seminar was packed with great ideas and we are looking forward to using them. The trial stress is the last piece of the puzzle for us. Thanks Trish-we needed this! 

- Chris & Otis

Trisha 's classes are always challenging and fun!  She is very good at 'seeing" a better or alternative way of running the course.  Instruction is given calmly and clearly.  We get a chance to try it out to see if it suits me and my Belgian Sheepdog, Chucky, who, also, is enjoying his time in the ring.   

- Anda and Chucky

"In the "Break Out of Your Shell! seminar, Trisha was able to immediately point out some strategies that would help my dog de-stress and refocus during our run.  Each dog-handler team got plenty of individual attention during the seminar for their particular problem whether it was stress in the ring, shyness or inability to run through correction.  There was a good balance between discussion and putting the discussions into practice with runs.  Trisha worked with each team to tailor her information to what they needed. 

And Trisha does not cut you off when the workshop is over - she helped me out at an agility trial a few weekends later."

 - Lois and ADDie

Trisha is very good at adjusting the course to suit each dog and handler experience.  Classes are hard work but handlers and dogs have fun!  My young collie, Raleigh, and I have learned so much and it's great to see a young dog so enthusiatic every week. Thanks, Trish!

- Mara and Raleigh