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Sanctioned Agility Trial

August 9-10, 2008

Sugar Bush Farm

Stephentown, NY

(outdoors, 1 ring on grass, enclosed with fencing)

Our judge was Mary Beam - THANKS!

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Congratulations to:

 Tricia Derwinski and Linus - CS-ATE!

Val Reiner and Zoe - C-ATCH3!


Saturday, August 9

FullHouse All Levels Standard Level 1 Standard Level 2 Standard Level 3
Standard Levels 45C Wildcard 12 Wildcard 345C Snooker 12
Snooker 345C      

Sunday, August 10
Jackpot all levels Standard Levels 45C Standard Levels 23 Standard Level 1
Colors 12 Colors 345C Jumpers 12 Jumpers 345C


  • Photographer:  Barry Rosen was on site all weekend to take pictures.  Barrry’s website is www.BarryRosen.com.


The winner of this year's 3rd annual Crystal's Spirit award was Chili, Paul Stusalitus's Golden Retriever who passed away just 3 days before the trial.  Here's what Mary Beam, the judge, had to say about her selection:

"I think choosing the recipient of this award was the hardest thing I've done in dog sport.  There were so very many good dogs and handlers who were exhibiting aspects that applied.

I was in the air when the email came about Chili.  I arrived expecting to see this exuberant golden that I remembered from two years ago.  I wanted to see how he and Paul were coming along because I knew that a team with such a positive attitude would become great.

It was so
Chili Stusalitus  Picture courtesy of Barry Rosen Photography
mething of a shock when I heard the news.  Two years ago, August 29, 2006, I lost my heart dog, the first performance dog I'd ever had.  He had drug me, and I mean that literally, into the agility room at Gem City and demanded that I learn to do it because he certainly was going to.

I am where I am and I am who I am because of that dog.

When it came to making a final decision, I knew Chili was so representative of the meaning of the Crystal Spirit, as is Paul so the decision was made.

Congratulations again, to all, for such a great trial.

And, thank you all again,

Mary Beam"


 July 31, 2008 - final confirmations have been sent out!

Hello, Exhibitors!

Thank you for entering the August 9-10, 2008, CPE Trial hosted by AgileDogs Agility Training.  This is your entry confirmation. We have a total of 99 handlers and 151 dogs entered, with 407 runs on Saturday and 411 runs on Sunday. 


We thank everyone in advance for your help and support, and we hope you will have fun this weekend.  To help make the weekend go smoothly, please help whenever possible!

Some important notes


1.       It is absolutely required that you pick up after your dog.  Failure to do so will result in being excused from the trial.

  1. Bring your own chairs and shade.

3.       Wading pools and a water hose will be available for cooling your dogs. In addition, the pond will be available all weekend for dogs and humans to cool off.  Make sure you follow the Chittendens rules about the use of their backyard for this trial!

4.       Remember that ticks abound in this area, so be sure to check your dogs for ticks, especially if you walk them in the woods.




                 Perfect weekend rosettes will be awarded to teams achieving Q’s in all 9 runs.

                Third Annual Crystal’s Spirit award.  This award is given in memory of Crystal, Trisha’s first agility dog and her inspiration for starting AgileDogs Agility Training. The judge will give this award to a dog/handler team that aren't necessarily the fastest, but that has the most fun and the handler gets the most out of the dog.


Trial Format: 

The “lower” 110’ x 110’ ring will be used for this trial.  This ring has permanent fencing and a gate that can be closed for any dog and handler that need the extra security.  Electronic timing will be used. 


All walk-throughs will be timed at 7 minutes.  Please help us to run the trial as efficiently as possible so we can finish each day in a timely fashion.  We will need everyone’s help to keep the trial moving along smoothly.



Check-in, Measuring, and Starting Times:

Friday:           Site available for set-up starting at 5:30 pm


Saturday:       Check-in and measuring will be from 6:45 – 7:30

                     General / Judges’ briefing 7:30, FullHouse walk throughs immediately following.

Sunday:         Check-in and measuring will be from 7:00 – 7:15

                     General / Judges’ briefing 7:15, Jackpot walk throughs immediately following.


There will be NO measuring of dogs AFTER the Judges Briefing begins each day – ALL DOGS WITHOUT A PERMANENT HEIGHT CARD MUST BE MEASURED before the Judges’ Briefing in order to show that day – THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.




Only a few copies of the run catalog will be available at the trial.  The catalog will be available for download and printing by Tuesday, August 5th on this page.



The volunteer schedule will be posted on the AgileDogs website by Tuesday, August 5th on this page.  Thanks to all who volunteered!!


Please do not worry about conflicts between classes you’re working and classes you’re running in.  All workers will be accommodated.  You can move your dog within a class to make sure you have time to concentrate on having a successful run with your 4-footed partner!


  • Food:  The Calico Kitchen will be on-site providing food for this trial. 
  • Photographer:  Barry Rosen Photography will be on site both Saturday and Sunday taking pictures.  Barry’s website is www.BarryRosen.com.
  • DOGGIE STUFF: Fluggles will be selling their wonderful handmade dog items (leashes, toys, clothing, etc.)



During the trial, move-ups in Standard from Saturday to Sunday will be taken at the show, and must be submitted to the Show Secretary before the completion of the last class of the day.  Thank you for your cooperation. 




CPE has initiated new rules effective February 1, 2007; review the CPE website for details (www.k9cpe.com).



Animal ER of the Berkshires

(at the Pittsfield Veterinary Hospital)

1634 West Housatonic Street

Pittsfield, Mass.



TENTATIVE Class Schedules

The following class, level, and height order is tentative, and subject to change if necessary.



Saturday, August 9 - 4” to 24”

Sunday, August 10 - 24” to 4”

FullHouse (4, 8, 12”)

FullHouse (16, 20, 24”)

Standard 1, 2, 3, 45C

Wildcard 1/2, 3/4/5/C

Snooker 1/2, 3/4/5/C

Jackpot (16, 20, 24”)

Jackpot (4, 8, 12”)

Standard 45C, 23, 1

Colors 345C, 12

Jumpers 345C, 12



Directions to the Trial Site:  (Sugar Bush Farm is at 760 East Road, Stephentown, NY  12168)

From the East: Take the Mass Pike to the end. Continue on I-90 to the next exit, B-3 in Canaan, NY. At the end of the ramp go right, 22 North. In New Lebanon, Route 20 and 22 run together for a short while. Make sure you stay on Route 22 by bearing left just before the a boarded-up gas station on the left. Continue approximately 4 miles to the traffic light in Stephentown where Routes 22 and 43 intersect. Go straight to continue on 22 North. Follow Directions from the 22/43 Intersection below.


From the West: Take I-90 East to Exit 11E - Route 20 East. Continue on Route 20 East until it joins Route 22 North. Follow Directions from the 22/43 Intersection below.


Alternate directions from the west (takes less time, but has hilly and curvy sections just North of Stephentown): from the non-toll section of I-90 take exit 8, Route 43 Eastbound. Follow for approximately 8 miles to the intersection of routes 66 and 43 in Sand Lake. Turn right at the light to stay on route 43. Follow for approximately 10 more miles through Stephentown to the light at the intersection of Routes 22 and 43. Turn left at the light to turn onto Route 22 North.  Follow  directions from the 22/43 intersection below.


From the North: From Hoosick Falls you will take Route 22 South. Go through the town of Berlin.  Approximately 3 miles south of the Berlin Jr./Sr. High School on your left is Giles Road or County Route 33.  Take that road, it takes a sharp right at a horse farm (you’ll see tan buildings and split rail fencing on the right). You will go over a little bridge, you'll see farm buildings and straight ahead on the right you will see the training building - white domed roof with tan walls and windows. There is a driveway marked by two metal fence posts just before the building; follow that driveway to the ring and parking.


Directions from the 22/43 Intersection: Heading North on Route 22, you'll go up a hill where 22 becomes 2 lanes. It goes back down to one lane after you get to the top of the hill and you will pass a mobile home park on your right. Just after that there is a brown house with a big satellite dish. The road right next to that house is Giles Road or County Route 33.  Take that road, it takes a sharp right at a horse farm (you’ll see tan buildings and split rail fencing on the right). You will go over a little bridge, you'll see farm buildings and straight ahead on the right you will see the training building - white domed roof with tan walls and windows. There is a driveway marked by two metal fence posts just before the building; follow that driveway to the ring and parking.


Contact information:

Trisha Stall, Trial Chairperson  Trisha@agiledogs.net  518-331-7814
Bev Larabee, Trial Secretary  Bev@agiledogs.net  518-794-0168