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NEWS: March 21, 2008

Sanctioned Agility Trial

March 29-30, 2008

High Goal Farm

Greenwich, NY

(indoors on mats)

Our judges were Mary Phalon and John Raymond

Thank you all!

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Saturday, March 29
FullHouse Jackpot Standard Level 1
Standard Level 2 Standard Level 3 Standard Levels 45C
Wildcard Levels 12 Wildcard Level 3 Wildcard Levels 45C
Sunday, March 30
Standard Level 1 Standard Level 2 Standard Level 3
Standard Levels 45C Colors Levels 12 Colors Levels 345C
Snooker Levels 12 Snooker Levels 345C Jumpers Levels 12
Jumpers Levels 345C    

Congratulations to 3 new C-ATCH's!

Virginia Cappello and Clint

Bonnie Kelleher and Joey

Anne Hartranft and Misty


And, congratulations to the following teams who got perfect weekends (all Q's):

Julie Belles and Tess (Jack Russell Terrier)

Lynn Marie Carlo and Emmy (Brittany)

Wendy Cerilli and Slinger (Australian Shepherd)

Wendy Cerilli and Breyer (Australian Shepherd)

Jennifer Christie and Sturgis (Boston Terrier)

Sheila Jweid-Webber and Merlin (English Springer Spaniel

Amy Koebler and Sunshine (Golden Retriever)

Julie Mihalcik-Eno and Piggy (All American)

Barbara Mongeon and Sabrina (All Ameerican)

Nancy Reich and Rune (Bearded Collie)

WOW!!  Great job everyone !

NOTE: please email me if you had a perfect weekend and did not receive a rosette.  I ran out and will re-order, but do not know who picked up a rosette and who still needs one.

NEWS: March 26, 2008

Confirmations have gone out!

Thank you for entering the AgileDogs March 2008 CPE trial!  Special thanks for those who have volunteered to help.  Trials could not happen without the wonderful folks who volunteer to work!  If you have not yet volunteered but would like to, we still have openings on the schedule.  Contact Trisha (Trisha@agiledogs.net or 518-794-0168).  Volunteering is a great way to learn more about the sport of agility and be close to the action!  We'll have a fun worker raffle plus lunch and snacks will be provided for all volunteers. 


There will be check in, measuring, and setup on Friday night from 6:30 to 7:30 PM.  Also, from 4-8 pm Wendy Cerilli will be holding run throughs at the trial site, on a nested standard course.  The cost is $6 for the first run and $4 for each additional run with the same dog.  Even if you have not pre-registered, you can still participate in run throughs.  Contact Wendy Cerilli, agilitytraining@yahoo.com 518-692-8758, for more information.


On Saturday and Sunday the building will be open for setup starting at 6:30am.  Check in and measuring will be from 6:45-7:30 AM on Saturday, with judge's briefing at 7:30.  On Sunday check in will  be from 6:45-7:15, with judge's briefing at 7:15.  All dogs without a permanent height card must be measured before the first class of the day starts.


There will be no food vendor at this trial, but weíll be getting lunch for volunteers.  If youíre not volunteering (thatís not many of you, Iím sure!) and want lunch, you can pay $5 and participate, but I recommend simply volunteering J


There are a few rules that we're asking people to follow so that we can use High Goal Farm for future trials.   The pond, barn, livestock, woods, and Cerilli house are off limits to anyone at the trial.  Anything else that is roped off is also off limits to anyone at the trial. There is a large field on the side of the agility building for exercising your dogs.   Dogs not in the warm up area or in the ring must be leashed at all times.  No smoking is allowed in the building.   No alcohol or drugs are allowed at the trial site.   Please clean up after yourself and your dog(s).  There will be garbage receptacles for dog waste, cigarette butts, and any other garbage.  Please bring water for your dogs.  Crating space is limited, so please conserve space by stacking crates if possible and by using only high occupancy x-pens.  Please be considerate of folks who will be crating their dogs in their vehicles by leaving the parking spaces adjacent to the building for them.  Thanks in advance for complying with the above requests.  In addition, please note that the building will be kept at approximately 58 degrees, so come prepared to dress in several light layers while in the building.


Your dog(s)' confirmations will be going out in a separate email.  Be sure to check for accuracy, and if you see any problem or mistake with your entry information, email the Trial Secretary at Debbie@agiledogs.net  ASAP.


The catalog and workerís schedule will be available by Wednesday evening, March 26th on my website, www.agiledogs.net/trial-cpemar08.htm. I will only have a limited number of catalogs available at the show, and will be posting several copies of the workerís schedule around the building, so if youíre interested please print your own catalog and help save a tree or two!


This trial is full to capacity (412 runs Saturday and 412 runs on Sunday), so your help in making the trial run smoothly by being ready to run when it's your turn and by helping to volunteer whenever you can, will help us all to finish in a timely manner each day and be able to get home safely and early on Sunday! 


Running Order:

Saturday, March 29 (Small to Large dogs)

FullHouse: ALL Levels
Jackpot: ALL Levels
Standard: 1, 2, 3,4/5/C
Wildcard: 1 /2, 3, 45C

Sunday, March 30 (Large to Small dogs)

Standard: Levels 4/5/C, 3, 2, 1

Colors: Levels 3/4/5/C, 1/2

Snooker Levels 3/4/5/C, 1/2

Jumpers  Levels 3/4/5/C, 1/2






From North or South (Saratoga Springs): take Exit 14 of I-87 (Northway) and follow the signs for Rte 29, east. Go 9 miles on Rte 29 to Schuylerville. Take a right at Cumberland Farms. Go 0.3 miles to the light and take a left at the light, following Rte 29. You will pass the Washington County Fairgrounds. 2.7 miles past the fairgrounds, take a right at the Battenkill Vet Clinic onto Rte 40, south. Go 0.3 miles. Take a left onto Bulson at the Elks Club. Go 0.4 miles. Take a right onto Hegeman's Bridge Road, Go 0.2 miles and take a left onto Louse Hill Road. Go 0.2 miles and turn right up the driveway to High Goal Farm.

From South or East, alternate route: Take Route 22 North through the towns of Petersburgh and Hoosick. In Cambridge, take a left onto Route 372 West, and follow for 10 miles. Take a left on Hill Street (this is the end of Route 372, it's at a traffic light); follow for 1.4 miles (it becomes Hegeman Bridge Road). Turn left onto Louse Hill Road, follow for 0.2 miles and turn right up the driveway to High Goal Farm.

Contact information:
Trisha Stall, Trial Chairperson  Trisha@agiledogs.net   518-331-7814
Debbie Wlodarski, Trial Secretary  Debbie@agiledogs.net  518-346-7988