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Sanctioned Agility Trial

October 23-24, 2010

Sugar Bush Farm

Stephentown, NY

(2 fully enclosed rings outside on grass)

Our judges were Carol Voelker and Leona Hellesvig - THANKS!

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New titles earned - CONGRATS to all!

Shine                            Terri Cesarek             Silver ADCH & LAA-Silver
                           Jean Danver              LAA-Silver
H.A.L. aka Tucker
     Chris Beck                   Tournament Master
Brite                              Pam Green
                 Tournament Master & AAD
                            Ellen Kurdzo              MAD
Breezey                       Jill Nestor                   AAD
Deesel                          Debbie Hunt             AD
Savvy                            Deborah Sien            Advanced Gamblers
Zeus                              Cassi Isachsen           Performance I Gamblers
Jart                                 Trisha Stall                 Performance II Pairs
Lucy                               Trisha Stall                 Performance II Snooker
Pistol                            Lisa Norris                   Advanced Gamblers & Advanced Pairs
Bodie                            Kathy Chittenden    Starters Pairs
Maverick                     Deb Janssen               Advanced Standard & Advanced Jumpers
Jeanine Dunn            Winnie                         Performance I Jumpers

October 15 - confirmations have gone out. 

Hello, Exhibitors!

Thank you for entering the October 23-24, 2010 USDAA Trial hosted by AgileDogs Agility Training.  This is your entry confirmation. We have a total of 127 dogs entered for 366 runs on Saturday and 358 runs on Sunday.   With your help things will run smoothly and our days will not be long.  We hope you will have fun this weekend. 

Some important notes:

Sugar Bush Farm details:

1.                It is absolutely required that you pick up after your dog.  Failure to do so will result in being excused from the trial.
Bring your own chairs and shade.
The Chittenden’s fenced in backyard area, including pond, will be available for swimming or playing during the trial, but please follow their rules for its use which will be announced in the general briefing in the morning.
Remember that ticks abound in this area, so be sure to check your dogs for ticks, especially if you walk them in the woods or edges of clearings.
Cars must be parked in designated areas, and may not be driven around the rings after the general briefing each day.


If you have signed up to camp overnight at Sugar Bush Farm, you need to contact me as soon as possible to let me know the size of your RV and if you’ll be using a generator or not.  If you’re staying in a tent or vehicle and indicated that on your form and have paid in full, you’re all set and do not need to contact me.  When you arrive, see Craig Chittenden, who will escort you to your parking spot. 

Trial Format: 

Two 100’ x 100’ rings will be used.  Both rings will be fully enclosed with entry/exit gates.  Conflicts are inevitable, but we will make sure you never miss a run, so don't panic!  Every conflict will be accommodated as long as you tell the gate stewards that you have a conflict.  Electronic timing will be used in both rings. 

Check-in, Measuring, and Starting Times:

Friday:       Site available for set-up starting at 4:00 pm

Saturday:     Check-in and measuring will be from 7:15 – 7:45 am 
                     General / Judges’ briefing 7:45, 1st dog on the line immediately after walkthroughs

Sunday:        Check-in and measuring will be from 7:30 – 7: 45 am 
                     General / Judges’ briefing 7:45, 1st dog on the line in Sandy ring immediately after walkthroughs, 1st dog on the line in Crystal ring 15 minutes later


Only a few copies of the run catalog will be available at the trial.  The catalog will be available for download by Wednesday evening on www.agiledogs.net


The volunteer schedule will be posted on the AgileDogs website Wednesday evening.  Thanks to all who volunteered!

All volunteers will get our undying gratitude (because you know we can’t host trials without your help!), and will also get the following perks:

*       $4 in lunch tickets good at our food vendor
A $2 coupon redeemable at a future trial given for each class worked

Please do not worry about conflicts between classes you’re working and classes you’re running in.  All workers will be accommodated.  You can move your dog within a class to make sure you have time to concentrate on having a successful run with your 4-footed partner! 

If you didn't sign up to work and are interested in helping, we'd love to add you to our volunteer list!  Please contact Trisha Stall, trisha@agiledogs.net, 518-331-7814.  Also, if you're interested in helping out either with setup on Friday afternoon/evening or takedown on Sunday afternoon, we'll be giving each person that helps us a special thank-you gift.  Contact Trisha if you can help out in this capacity.

(if you’re interested in being a vendor please contact Trisha Stall)

  • FOOD: We are pleased to have Pork n Jojo’s, Eric and Joanne Lapine, as our food vendor!  They will be offering breakfast and lunch all weekend.  Volunteers will get lunch tickets good at the food vendor.
  • canine massage: Becky Therian, www.theanimaltouch.com, will be on site both days to offer her wonderful services!
  • CANINE CHIROPRACTIC: Heath O'Leary will be on site both days to perform chiropractic adjustments for dogs.

Animal ER of the Berkshires 
(at the Pittsfield Veterinary Hospital) 
1634 West Housatonic Street 
Pittsfield, Mass.


The following class, level, and height order is tentative, and subject to change if necessary.

Saturday, October 23
(low to high, performance followed by championship)

Sandy Ring
Carol Voelker

PIII/Masters Pairs
PIII/Masters Standard
PGP/Grand Prix
PIII/Masters Gamblers


Crystal Ring
Leona Hellesvig

PII/Advanced Gamblers
PI/Starters Gamblers
PII/Advanced Standard
PI/Starters Standard
PII/Advanced Pairs
PI/Starters Pairs
PSJ/Steeplechase Round 1

Sunday, October 24
(high to low, championship followed by performance)

Sandy Ring
Carol Voelker

Advanced/PII Pairs
Masters/PIII Pairs
Advanced/PII Standard
Masters/PIII Standard
Masters/PIII Snooker
Masters/PIII Jumpers


Crystal Ring
Leona Hellesvig

Advanced/PII Snooker
Starters/PI Snooker
Steeplechase/PSJ Finals
Starters/PI Pairs
Starters/PI Standard
Advanced/PII Jumpers
Starters/PI Jumpers

Sugar Bush Farm, 760 East Road, Stephentown, NY  12168

From the East: Take the Mass Pike to the end. Continue on I-90 to the next exit, B-3 in Canaan, NY. At the end of the ramp go right, 22 North. In New Lebanon, Route 20 and 22 run together for a short while. Make sure you stay on Route 22 by bearing left just before the a boarded-up gas station on the left. Continue approximately 4 miles to the traffic light in Stephentown where Routes 22 and 43 intersect. Follow Directions from the 22/43 Intersection below.


From the West: Take I-90 East to Exit 11E - Route 20 East. Continue on Route 20 East until it joins Route 22 North (straight through the yellow blinking light in New Lebanon. In New Lebanon, Route 20 and 22 run together for a short while. Make sure you stay on Route 22 by bearing left just before the a boarded-up gas station on the left. Continue approximately 4 miles to the traffic light in Stephentown where Routes 22 and 43 intersect. Follow Directions from the 22/43 Intersection below.


From the North: From Hoosick Falls you will take Route 22 South. Go through the towns of Berlin and North Stephentown.  Follow to the intersection of routes 22 and 43 in Stephentown.  Follow Directions from the 22/43 Intersection below.


Directions from the 22/43 Intersection: Heading North on Route 22, you'll go up a hill where 22 becomes 2 lanes. It goes back down to one lane after you get to the top of the hill and you will pass a mobile home park on your right. Just after that there is a brown house with a big satellite dish. The road right next to that house is Giles Road or County Route 33.  Take that road, it takes a sharp right at a horse farm (you’ll see tan buildings and split rail fencing on the right). You will go over a little bridge, you'll see farm buildings and straight ahead on the right you will see the training building - white domed roof with tan walls and windows. There is a driveway marked by two metal fence posts just before the building; follow that driveway to the rings and parking.

Contact information:

Trial Chairperson: Marge Stall, Marge@agiledogs.net, 518-794-0168
Trial Secretary: Trisha Stall
, Trisha@agiledogs.net  518-331-7814