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2018 Agility Camp

July 28-29

Sugar Bush Farm, Stephentown NY

Camp Instructor Biographies

Terri Cesarek

Terri became addicted to agility after experiencing the confidence it gave her All-American Mandy, a rescue dog found wandering on a highway. Wanting to help her shy pup, Terri began obedience classes in search of a way to help Mandy overcome her fears. This was the beginning of a perpetual interest in canine behavior that has developed through experience and a natural gift in reading dogs. In 1993 while competing at an obedience match Terri and Mandy were introduced to agility when a local group presented a demo. Afterward the group let spectators try some of the equipment. That was it, they were immediately hooked! Together Terri and Mandy learned how much fun the sport of agility could be. It was the start of an amazing journey.

Since then she has trained three other dogs – Chase!, Shine and Rise to their USDAA Agility Dog Championships along with competing with them nationally.  Each of them has taught Terri about consistency and good foundation training.  The journey has continued with her youngest dog, Crest who will ultimately be her best teacher as she learns to look outside of the box to help Crest deal with life.  “Crest is an amazing athlete and can perform so well in some environments, but the competition environment is not yet always a good one for him.  He is not a one size fits all kind of dog as far as training methods go and I am grateful for all he teaches me every day.  He has pushed me to look outside of the box in my training which has greatly enhanced my teaching.  They say you get the dog you need... I needed a little bit of magic in my life.”

Terri’s dogs all are wonderful teachers constantly reminding her how important the relationship between dog and handler is not just for agility, but for life.  It is a key element in her training, as she helps her students realize the joy of training their own canine companions.  Her approach to training is not a cookie-cutter method as she will evaluate each team looking to bring out their very best.  She enjoys helping each dog and handler strengthen their relationship by learning to work as a team going on to achieve success at whatever level they wish to pursue.  Whether an individual wants to compete at the national level or play in their backyard, her focus is on a solid foundation which is a building block necessary for great teamwork.  Coaching people on finding a clear, consistent handling method to provide the best connection with their dog on course is Terri’s goal in working with each dog and handler.  She keeps training fun for both the handlers and their dogs establishing an environment that cultivates learning.


     Lori Kline


A person holding a dogDescription generated with very high confidence
Lori has been competing in agility since the late 1990s at the local, regional and national levels.

Her dogs have taught her lessons on being a good observer of body language and to think outside the box when it comes to accomplishing goals.  Success comes from trying new things and building the dog's drive and focus through play.

She is known for running quirky dogs or dogs with “issues” and has experience dealing with reactivity and aggression as well as ring nerves and dogs with less drive, or over the top drive.  Lori has demonstrated the ability to compete successfully and win with the moderate to slow speed dog, the reactive dog and the fearful dog by focusing on each animal’s strengths and using that to full advantage.

She is a follower of Susan Garrett and the Say Yes philosophy of dog training and Handling 360 system.