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Sanctioned Agility Trial

June 14-15, 2008

Shatford Park

New Lebanon, NY

(outdoors, 2 rings on grass, enclosed with snow fencing)

Our judges were Bobbie Kurivial and Kimberly Stumph - THANKS!

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Saturday, June 14

Colors 1/2 Colors 3/4/5/C Snooker 1/2 Snooker 3/4/5/C
Jumpers 1/2 Jumpers 3/4/5/C Std Round 1, Level 1 Std Round 2, Level 1
Std Round 1, Level 2 Std Round 2, Level 2 Std Round 1, Level 3 Std Round 2, Level 3
Std Round 1, Level 4/5/C Std Round 2, Level 4/5/C    

Sunday, June 15
FullHouse all levels Jackpot 1/2 Jackpot 3 Jackpot 3/4/5/C
Wildcard Levels 1/2 Wildcard Levels 3/4/5/C Std Level 1 Std Level 2
Std Level 3 Std Levels 4/5/C    

Congratulations to Anne Hartranft and Misty (Rough Collie)
who got a perfect weekend (all Q's)


  • Photographer:  Frank Jansen Photography was on site both Saturday and Sunday to take pictures.  Frank’s website is www.Frank-Jansen-Photo.com.

Contact information:

Trisha Stall, Trial Chairperson  Trisha@agiledogs.net  518-331-7814
Debbie Wlodarski, Trial Secretary  Debbie@agiledogs.net  518-346-7988