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Heart of Sandy Award  Sandy jump

A friend was talking to me in the Summer of 2009 and said I should give out a special award in honor of Sandy like I currently give out every August for Crystal (the Crystalís Spirit Award).  The last time I competed with Sandy was New Years 2007-2008, and she passed away April 11, 2008, so that is the reason that I decided to give this award annually at my New Yearís trial.  Sandy gave her heart for me every time we went into the agility ring and we accomplished much together, winning multiple national championships (including CPE) and obtaining the highest awards in multiple venues, including becoming only the 8th dog in history to attain the CPE C-ATE.

This award is to be given to the dog who gives his/her all when out on course and who exemplifies the heart and spirit of agility.

 On January 1, 2, and 3, 2010, our judge was Nancy May.  The decision was actually quite an easy one.  We decided to award 2 winners - both of whom were competing as specialist (which Sandy did in her last year competing in CPE), and were enjoying their last trial before retiring from agility. How fitting, how perfect. The winners were Lois Hammond and Bailey, and Debbie Wlodarski and Sampson. Congratulations to them both!

Bailey, CS-ATCh, owned and loved by Lois Hammond:

Bailey Jump   Bailey Aframe

Sampson, C-ATCh, owned and loved by Debbie Wlodarski:

Sampson Weaves    Sampson Aframe

 For December 31 2010 - January 2 2011, we had 2 judges sharing duties of selecting the winner.  They were Eileen Keegan and Kim Malmer.  They selected Mariday Geyer and her All American, Crosley, as the 2nd annual award winner!  Mariday and Crosley are a very smooth team, and their bond is apparent every time they run, or are just hanging out together. 

Crosley Geyer

Photo courtesy Canines in Action, Dottie Piroha

For the Third Annual award, December 31 2011-January 2 2012, we had Judge John Raymond who had the unenviable task of selecting the winner.

John selected Mary Van De Carr and Charlie! Charlie Van De Carr

This team is so super.  Charlie is a Miniature Schnauzer. Mary is in her 80's, and runs courses with a wheeled walker. And she really can move around the course! The best thing is that Charlie, like Dozer before him, has learned to read the special signals Mary gives with her walker wheels and an additional special verbal command taught by Mary (to go to the other side of the walker). Charlie has come a long way in the year he's been trialing, and is currently in levels 4 and 5. It's a testament to Mary and her bond with all of her dogs (she is heavily into rescue, and many of her own dogs are rescues) that she's has success. The cheers went on for several minutes when it was announced.

Photo courtesy Canines in Action, Dottie Piroha